Today I made my first video stock sale thanks to pond5.

Recently I made an effort to move my income from the linear category to more of a residual or passive income category.  The easiest and most popular way for designers to do this is to sell their “stock” elements online.

As designers we have plenty of things we can sell.  If you find yourself re-using a design element across different projects, chances are you can sell it. Here are a few examples:

  • fonts
  • patterns
  • clip art
  • illustrations
  • photographs
  • videos
  • web design themes

I’m starting off with videos of mostly computer generated animations that are in the form of loops, backgrounds, lower thirds and transitions.  From there, I will move on to video footage and photography.

You can choose to sell your “stock” elements directly from your web page, or you can use an online service to do most of the work for you.  You don’t need to worry about marketing, legal fees, large files on your server, or making sure your work is not being stolen.  For that you will give up a percentage of the sale, but in my opinion its worth it.

To start I went with 3 stock media providers:

  1. revostock
  2. pond5
  3. istockphoto

I made my first sale on pond5 today.  The file that was purchased was the first file I posted, and it was on the server for 6 weeks before it made a sale.  pond5 splits the price down the middle, sharing the sale evenly with the creator.  That is one of the more generous deals among the stock media providers.

What’s great about pond5 is that they let you set the price of your work as high or low as you like (depending on how exclusive or aggressive you want your sales to be).  Now if you have no idea how much to charge you can request for the curator responsible for approving your media to make a suggestion.

Because of the generous commission, I decided to set my prices really low in the hopes of generating a higher number of sales.  In addition, you are free to sell your media on your own page or you can use other stock media providers, as long as they don’t ask you to be exclusive with them, so read that contract carefully.

More details on my experience with pont5 and others coming soon!

Stock Video by michaltrz at Pond5: The World's Stock Footage Marketplace

What form of passive income do you have or hope to implement as a designer? Post it in the comments.