I’m feeling generous again, so I’m going to give away some more free tools to help you make a great TV spot.

Apple Final Cut Pro starter file

This file will provide a good foundation for you to build your TV Spot on.  In the file you will find a folder structure where you can keep all of your elements organized.

There is a place to keep all of your audio elements (sound effects, music, voice over files, etc.), along with a folder for your graphics (text elements, motions graphics, animations, and much more).  I already have your first text element in the graphics folder, which is an on screen disclaimer if you need some legal copy in your TV commercial.  In the location folder I usually keep images of the vendors store or their home page screen shots.  The products folder is a place where the pictures, videos, and artwork of whatever your selling can be organized.

Next, I included 3 sequence elements to get you started on your TV spot which are 15, 30 or 60 seconds long.  I name my sequence elements using the client name followed by the spot ID.

In each sequence you will find: a slate with all the required information, a count down, 1 second of black, room for your TV spot, and again 1 second of black.  This is a standard set up that will meet most TV stations requirements when submitting content.

The slate is used to identify your TV spot, so in the room provided be sure to fill out the Company Name, TV Commercial Title, spot ID#, the length of the commercial, and the date.  All of this should correspond with your TV script.

The countdown lets the TV station know when the spot starts.  Some TV stations require a longer count than I provided, so check if you need to modify your sequence before sending out your TV spot.

The two-tail black slugs in the time line help frame your commercial.

Hope this helps you get started, and if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.