Many small businesses new to TV advertising can be a bit unsure about the process of creating TV commercials, and I encourage all of my potential clients to ask for advice, information, and examples of TV commercials so they can see what will work best for them. As a helpful tool, I’ve decided to spend the next few days showing you the process that MeHow Design takes in creating a TV commercial from start to finish.

The real life client I’ll be using is Italian Connection USA (an online store where you can purchase fine Italian goods), and the product is a 30 second TV commercial promoting the business. The TV commercial will be an updated version of the TV spot that the company is using right now, with an updated look and HD quality. Each step in creating the finished TV spot will be explained in detail, and hopefully it will help answer a lot of questions that most new clients have.


Usually after a phone conversation with the client I’m able to establish clear objectives for the TV commercial and develop a strategy that will work for them. Based on that conversation we come up with ideas for the TV commercial. The chosen idea is then developed into a script that meets the clients budget.

The script consists of a few elements such as the business name, the title of the TV spot, and the length (15 sec, 30 sec or 60 sec). The body of the script consists of two columns–the video column and the audio column.  Each section identifies what you see and hear. The script also includes a key, helping you identify the different elements like graphics, sound effects, and imagery.

That script is then sent to the client for approval, and the client reviews it to make sure all the information is correct such as the phone number, address, and any other contact info. It’s also a chance for the client to make sure that the concept is exactly what they were looking for.

In this case Italian Connection really liked the copy of the existing script so the audio portion of the script was not changed.  However the video part of the script needed some work. Here is a copy of the script as it was delivered to the client and waiting on approval.

Italian Connection USA TV script

Having a strong script is a really important part of producing a successful TV commercial. A script provides a strong foundation and a clear plan to move forward in production. It is always cheaper to change the text in the document then to change the audio or video on screen, so this is why working closely with the client to ensure the script is exactly how they envisioned is one of the most important elements to creating a successful TV commercial!